Maria Caso is more than a life coach. She has the unique ability and talent to focus a person’s ideas and dreams and allow them to achieve both personal and professional goals. It is in times like this that nothing should be left to chance, and with Maria’s help I am able to realize my potential.

– Karen Erickson, Owner, Showroom Seven and Erickson Beamon Jewelry

Maria has helped me to realize that challenges have to be met on a daily basis with vigor and enthusiasm, and that you can’t let anything get you down. I can’t thank her enough for her help and advice.

– Ed Rivero, Executive Producer, Cortez Brothers

I have known Maria for many years and her uncanny ability to quickly make the correct assessment and recommendations in dealing with “life’s little choices” never ceases to amaze. Maria was instrumental in changing the direction of my company. She did this by offering extremely savvy advice on both business and personal levels. She has also worked with two members of my sales staff and the improvements in their personal life and job performance is obvious. I have since retained Maria as our corporate coach and we use her services regularly.

– Leo J. Radosta, CEO, mumms Software

As life coach, Maria Caso has been an instrumental member of my life. She is superior in her ability to effectively coach an individual through the delicate balance of a career path and personal goals. As a refreshing voice of reason Maria is always candid in her assessments. this allows for greater growth and a better understanding of how to move forward. She is structured in her approach to coaching, while remaining flexible to the individual’s needs and goals. Maria has affected my life and my career in an invaluable way – I recommend her with the utmost enthusiasm and assurance!

– Caitlin DeBlasio, Buyer, L’Oreal

Maria Caso is a tough, perceptive and inspiring coach. She cuts the most direct path to the issues at hand and offers supportive and consistent guidance. She let me off the hook about nothing, giving me an honest look at my issues and began to offer forcefully positive possibilities for expanding my limitations. For me, Maria is the perfect combination of the most honest coaching at the most critical time.

– Stephen Petronio, Stephen Petronio Company

Maria Caso has the uncanny ability to get to the heart of the matter and motivate you to do what you know is necessary. She will change your life.

– Paul Wolfe, Advertising Creative Director